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It's no secret how the novel coronavirus is quickly spreading around the world and I believe that everyone is at risk. There is research that suggests this virus spreads exponentially so when I look at places like Korea they went from 10 cases to 100 to 1000 cases in just a few days. What does that mean for where you live?

The virus spreads much more rapidly and may be much more deadly than the flu so I'm preparing now. Are you prepared?

Politicians, the rich and powerful have plans they use to keep themselves and their families safe. They have think tanks and experts that come up with stuff that normal people don't know about and wouldn't think of.

Do you think they are protecting themselves the same way some worker in Brooklyn is? No way, they have a much stronger plan well thought out plan and information.

And the best part is, you don't have to be a high placed politician or celebrity to get a plan and some good information.

I've researched everything I could get my hands on when it came to pandemics and survival. I saw exactly how they devastate countries and people so I wanted to learn everything I could from military experts and survivalists on how I could avoid the worst consequences and protect myself and my loved ones.

Inside my program I share:

About the Author

My name is Elliot Steele. After being concerned about China putting what looks like a complete lock down on most of their country I became extremely alarmed by the novel coronavirus and decided to research it as much as possible. I don't believe an entire country would go into lock down unless it was extremely serious. I began to research survivalist and their techniques so I could prepare. I believe it's coming and everyone must be ready. I've packed everything I know what what I'm doing to protect myself and my family into my latest program.

Included in the program:

Survive A Pandemic

Inside this video program I go over what I learned about preparing for a pandemic. What the government plans according to their documents and how it will effect me.

Coronavirus Special Report

Inside this video program I go over everything I discovered about the virus and how I'm specifically protecting myself and my family. How I believe it spreads, and how I plan to prevent myself from catching it.

Supply List

Inside my supply list I share where and what I'm buying including where I get it when my local store is sold out. This includes the protective gear I've researched and I'm using that is much stronger and potentially safer than an n95 mask.

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